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Mixed Media Monthly

Learn creative techniques and build your own inspired art practice. Each class will be distinct; taking the entire series will help you find your voice, style, and visual language, so you can let your inner artist SING!

All levels welcome space is limited to 15 people. Priority will be given to those taking entire 5-part series.

Part 1: COLOR – 2/4/18 Color is one of the basic foundations to making great art. You will learn basic color principles of hue, value, intensity, and contrast. I will guide you through mixing acrylic paint colors and collage techniques.

Part 2: SHAPE – 3/4/18 Explore shape by looking at Matisse’s later paper cut out work as inspiration and create our own collage work. The day will begin by mixing and painting color panels and end with a cut paper collage.

Part 3: PATTERN & REPETITION – 4/8/18 We will make simple stencils and stamps and use them with acrylic and spray paints to make repeated patterns on paper. The afternoon will explore cutting these pattern papers to create a collage composition.

Part 4: PRINT – 5/6/18 Using small print plates we will explore a variety of print techniques to create textural elements as well as a central focal point. In the afternoon we will use the stack of prints created to make a mixed media collage.

Part 5: VOICE – 6/3/18 This day is for you to explore your creative voice. All the elements of the previous classes will be there for you to call upon to create unique, expressive pieces of art. The day will be devoted to nurturing your unique voice. Using all the accumulated wisdom from the color, shape, pattern and line workshops, I will guide you to the next step in your creative journey.

Each class will include demonstrations of technique, personalized check-ins, individualized support, and prompts for continuing your creative journey through the month until the next class.

A 9x12-inch mixed media sketchbook is recommended, which should cost less than $10. All other in-class materials are included in the price. However, if you wish to continue your explorations with optional prompts in between monthly workshops, you will need to purchase materials for your at-home explorations. A list of materials for monthly optional homework will be sent upon enrollment.

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