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Art Created on the iPad

I’ve been playing, exploring and creating on my iPad for several years. I use the apps ArtRage and Brushes 3 the most but sometimes combine them with Sketch Club, Photo Toaster and Title FX to add different layers, words and textures. I love having my iPad around to sketch wherever I am. I find myself drawing and art journaling more than I ever did before because it’s so portable; in one slim package you have your brushes, paints, papers, glues, and fonts all with a flick of the finger…very nice to pull out and sketch on those lazy Sunday mornings, late night radio listening sessions, a long afternoon in a park , and even killing time waiting in the car to pick up the kids!

Art Journaling
Healdsburg Hotel Orange
Iris Favorite Shows
Mile High Drink and Draw Sit Stay Be
Acorn Woodpecker Bluebird
Quail Song Sparrow
Mile High Drink and Draw
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